Developing a sustainable source of motivation
August 27, 2021

📢 Motivation plays a huge part in sport and development. It carries an important role in maintaining several psychological aspects of an athletes game, such as: focus, enjoyment or confidence, as well as, the physical development of skills and abilities. Without a solid and sustainable form of motivation, the impacts athletes can face are severely detrimental to their desire to even partake let alone at their best abilities.

🌍 The term sustainable motivation refers to an individual's ability to maintain a positive level of motivation that is constantly sefl-determined over a long-term. This kind of motivationi can be found from different sources because each athlete reacts differently. However, there is i difference between the types of motivation and how sustainable they are for athletes.

🧠 There are several forms of motivation that are defined by the styles of regulation an athlete may have to take in order to maintain them; outlined via the Self-Determination Continuum.

1) Amotivation - This is a completely imporsonal form of motivation that holds no regulation at all. It is the equivelant of an individual holding no control over their desire to perform and someone just going through the motions.

2) Extrinsic Motivation - This type of motivation can be split into several differing variations depending on the regulatory styles.
These variations change from the more external towards the more internal depending on what regulates their sources. For example: Introjected sources of motivation include internal rewards or punishments, which are more external. Whereas, an Identified source of motivation includes the personal importance and conscious valuing of the sport/activity they play, making it a more internal. Alongside an Integrated source of motivation, which is regualted through maintaining a congruence and awareness of themselves while partaking in their sport/activity.

3) Intrinsic Motivation - This motivation is regulated through a completely internalised source of what motivates them, including enjoyment, maintained interest and an inherant love of their sport/activity.

💥 To develop a more sustainable form of motivation, an athlete needs to maintain an internal source of that motivation. By being motivated to perform through a pure enjoyment of the sport one can compete consistently at their optimal range of performance.

📣 The Self-Determination Continuum is a branch off from the Self-Determination Theory. This theory works on the basis that to create a more sustainable and self-sufficiently motivated athlete, they must have a combination of traits including: a feeling of competency and mastery over their sport/activity, have a feeling of importance over their inclusion and willingness to perform, and an enjoyment to partake in their sport/activity.

🏋️‍♀️ Even though these are the fundamentals of developing a sustainable foorm of motivation, all athletes are different and process things in different ways. For some, a combination of both external and internal regulators may be the most necassary steps towards developing an intrinsic motivation to perform. This is and should be the main goal for all athletes.


Andrew Shaw #PsychedUp