Strength vs Aerobic Training: The Interferenc...

by Liam
January 7, 2022

Commonly, aerobic and strength training are performed alongside one another, but just how useful is this? Read more to understand the effects of concurrent training and ways that training can be optimised!

Eye dominance in Sports

by Alexander
November 30, 2021

Eye dominance means that you see better with one eye, that you use it more and that it is easier to fixate with it. It is important to know for athlete and coach what the dominant eye is, because it implies sometimes some alterations in head positions or changes in some...

Maximising the Hypertrophic Response Part 3:...

by Liam
November 23, 2021

The final part of the hypertrophy mini-series covers exercise selection and execution, and how these variables can be manipulated and utilised to maximise the hypertrophic response.

Maximising the Hypertrophic Response Part 2:...

by Liam
October 29, 2021

Part two of maximising the hypertrophic response to training explores two more key training variables: volume and rest. Read more to learn about optimal training strategies.